Yes, you can download a trial of SECURITHOR. It will work for 30 days before you need to contact MCDI to purchase a license. MCDI can help you with installation and make walkthrough demonstration of SECURITHOR. Some features are not included in the trial as they require set-up of servers. MCDI can demonstrate on their own server. Contact us at securithor@mcdi.com, 514-481-1067 or Skype mcdi-hq to arrange a trial.

The Core version is enough to get you starting and operating a Central Alarm Station or Alarm Receiving Center. You can add modules to expand capabilities and offer more services to your customers. Pricing varies per module. Options are different for the Single Station version and the Network Edition. Supplemental modules are : Weboperator, STM Mobile viewer, WAM Web Access Module for Subscribers, Live Backup standby Server, APS Virtual Panic buttons for Smartphones, PPP Panic Program for PC.

Yes, when you purchase SECURITHOR, it comes with support coverage during MCDI’s buiness hours. We also offer option for extended hours and 24 hours.

Yes, SECURITHOR can grow with you. SECURITHOR Team can help you to plan an installation from just 20 accounts to 300,000 . The Core version works from just a few accounts to several thousands. Over that it’s just a matter to scaling hardware along SECURITHOR. When needed, you can switch from Single station to Network Edition. Both databases are compatible. When reaching high traffic levels we can suggest several hardware and software strategies to insure you can cope with high traffic. We can also offer several solutions for high redundancy.

Yes, you can convert your ST1 into Network Edition and choose the number of workstation you need. Every module can be added after purchase.

No.  You can download SECURITHOR V2 without waiting for a CD. SECURITHOR Support Team can connect remotely using free tools such has Ammyy or Teamviewer to complete installations, do walkthrough demos and training or offer technical support.

Yes, several videos manufacturers are supported. Securitor comes with Hikvision Viewer, Dahua Viewer and facilities to bridge to external video applications. Hikvision and Dahua viewers each support a full list of camera brands including ONVIF compliant. Jumping to video feeds on the web is supported by SECURITHOR. Options to bridge with FRONTEL web server from RSI Videofied can be added.

Yes, several backup options are available. SECURITHOR Comes with an automatic backup scheduler to make automatic back up on Network Attached Storage or Removable Media. SECURITHOR comes with an easy to use tool to restore a Back-up file made by the backup scheduler. WAM, The Web Access module is also a remote backup for your SECURITHOR. LIVE BACK-UP is a set-up by MCDI to repliace your SECURITHOR toward a second one. It’s updated on the fly by any changes you make to your main SECURITHOR. In case of emergency your workstations can connect to Secondary and continue operation for the back-up server.

SECURITHOR currently comes in English, Deutsch, Español, Français,Greek, Português, Romanian and Russian. Italian is on the way. It’s possible to add any language. Contact SECURITHOR staff about translating.

Certainly. Contact SECURITHOR Staff to make arrangements. We can add any language easily and you get and an extra module for the work!

Yes, SECURITHOR will work with many receivers. Most output in standard formats such as MCDI, Surgard, Ademco 685, Radionics 6500, SK9000. As long as the receiver outputs in on of the standard formats supported by SECURITHOR, it will work.

Yes, several ways. .Securithor works with a Hayes type modem. When processing an alarm, It will dial number stored in SECURITHOR for the operator. So no errors dialling. .It will work with Skype if you have a phone account with Skype. During alarm processing Securithor will transfer and dial numbers in Skype for you. So operators can handle the call from within Skype application of his own PC. .Module is planned for mid 2015 to add direct dialing through SIP systems. Check with MCDI to know more about compatibility.

Yes, you already have very extensive controls on reports. If current controls do not meet your needs, we offer a service to build custom reports.Contact SECURITHOR Staff with a description of your needs.

Yes, the Weboperator is the perfect tool for this. It is  made specifically for your admin, sales and installation staff. Admin staff will love to consult and edit accounts easily from their browser without having to burden operators.  Salesmen and resellers will be able to build an account directly at customer site or in stands. Installers will love the tools to test their installations without operator’s intervention. They also have the ability to add onsite pictures with a tablet. WAM is made to limit access of an installer to a group of accounts. An installer can be restricted to only these accounts.

Yes, WAM the Web Access Module is made for this. This service is made for high volume consultation by subscribers. It can be sized, no matter if you have  50 or 50,000 subscribers. Your subscribers will be able to view their alarm history, view the armed/disarmed status of their alarm system, contact you for service orders. They can consult help page for user guides on their alarm system, view new models you offer and your service offer.

Yes, SECURITHOR can send emails. In fact it will send only when you want it i.e. you select which account and which alarm code in each account will trigger and email. Content of emails can be tailored to your desire using free preset text and wilcard including gps coordinate.

Yes, with the help of a SMS Modem. Available through third part, SMS modem will connect to SECURITHOR Network and easily send SMS text message tailored for you Central. Either inserting preset text or using automatic wildcard it is possible to automatically send (no operator intervention !!)

Yes, providing you have a compatible SMS modem and alarm is formatted correctly. Contact MCDI to know compatible format or to make arrangements to add new ones.

Yes, with the WAM Web Access Module they can view their alarm history and even make a pdf report themselves. With WAM they also have access to the list of Service tickets and they can send a message to your Central. WAM is also the perfect place for them to get news from your Central Station. You can post news, about, contact list and documents such as user guides for alarm panels.

Yes, there are two ways using web tools If you add WAM, the Web Access Module for Securithor, they can review all sites per individual account or as a group. They can review history, make a pdf report and view service orders. If you have Weboperator module they can go further. They can have access to accounts that are under a group. They will only have access to this group. Depending on permissions you give them, they will be able to view or edit account. If allowed they could make changes such as phone numbers themselves. With Weboperator they view accounts mostly the same was as an operator can.

Yes, WAM is made to be personalized. The logo, the address, branch list, contact list, emails etc..can be made to reflect your own corporate image. Reports made on the web have watermark and logo of your Central Station.

Yes, MCDI can make the Android and iOS app to your image. Contact MCDI to know more about this service and discuss possibilities.

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