DT42 is the new extreme. The unique IP alarm receivers who handles the highest number of brands in the Alarm Industry. No Alarm Receiver gives you as much power over alarm signals.
Available in 4 variants with unique features such as Embedded web site, Push notification to Android phones and expansion port for Phone line receivers make DT42 the Paramount of alarm receivers.

  • Embedded Web Site

    The DT42 can hosts websites in order to visualize your traffic.

  • Push Notifications

    For more redundancy and control , the DT42m sends every signal to DT42 Android app.

  • Extend your Database with Securithor

    Can be connected to Securithor’s database for an unlimited SQL database size.

  • Alarm over IP / Legacy support

    The DT42 uses an ethernet socket to communicate alarms via IP from multiple brands. It can also support legacy phone receivers for maximum support.


D4 is now only produced on demand. Please contact MCDI to arrange order of a production. An alternative is DT42m, still available.
Decrypta receivers are the standard receiver in thousands of Central Station since 2001. Now at generation 4, Decrypta 4 takes over with new features.

This new design sports a new LCD screen that let you see all key status at a glance. Set-up from front panel or from connected PC. Dual power source with rollover.

  • LCD Screen

    The Decrypta 4 sports a new LCD screen in order to view all key statuses at a glance.

  • Individual configuration

    Can support two different configuration for each lines (ETSI and/or Bellcore caller ID)

  • Configurable Handshake Sequence

    The Decrypta 4 allows you to configure your own handshake sequence.

  • STM Mobile Web Viewer Support

    The Decrypta 4 is compatible with MCDI’s STM Mobile Web Viewer to let you view your events on an iPhone and Android smartphones.


Exprecium D is now only produced on demand. Please contact MCDI to arrange order of a production. An alternative is DT42m, still available.
Exprecium is a more economical choice yet offer same receiving performances as D4 and D5. Made to fit in a PCI or PCI-e slot. Dual output to USB and Serial.

This new version of Exprecium is made to meet RoHS directive for Europe, Turkey, China and Japan.

  • Fast Handshake

    Automatic handshake mode to respond faster to alarm panels.

  • Globalized configurator

    Configurator app comes in many different languages.

  • Extended Uptime

    Exprecium D includes a battery port in order to extend uptime to several days.

  • On-board Relay

    Exprecium D includes a relay to trigger external devices such as siren, strob light etc.

  • PCI and PCI-e

    Works with both PCI or PCI-e slot via included adaptor.