The redesigned Decrypta 4 is now available for shipping, replacing where the D3 left off, the D4 takes over with new features.

This new design sports a new LCD that’ll let you see all key statuses at a glance. The memory for events have been expanded to 4095 events with the ability to quickly scroll on the front display. Both lines used by the Decrypta 4 can be assigned different configurations using ETSI and Bellcore called ID. The Decrypta 4 let you customize even further by having a configurable handshake sequence with increased performance while using fast answer mode.

Exprecium d and Decrypta 4 End of Life are planned for 2023. Limited stock and support available as of December 2022.
Check models DT42ip, DT42m as replacement. 

  • Graphic LCD

    Graphic LCD – See all key status at a glance

  • Fast Scroll through events

    Fast scroll through front display.

  • Many types of alarm formats

    Supports 20 alarms formats to cover most panels on the market.

  • Programmable Time Out

    Two-way audio handling for Tunstall TTNew, Contact ID , SIA and Pulse alarm formats with programmable time out.

  • Configurable Handshake

    With the Decrypta 4 , you can configure your own handshake sequence.

  • Memory buffer

    Expanded events memory buffer up to 4095 events.

  • Automatic Roll-Over

    Automatic roll-over for more than a week autonomy by using the front display or via a connected PC.

  • STM Mobile Web Viewer

    Decrypta 4 is compatible with MCDI’s STM Mobile Web Viewer to view events on an iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • Globalized configurator

    Globalized display including set-up from front display in Deutsch , English , Espanol , French , Italian , Portugês , Russian , Arabic and Farsi.

  • Caller ID

    Uses ETSI and Bellcore caller ID.

  • Output

    The Decrypta 4 uses USB and serial output to your PC.

  • Interoperability

    Reports to most monitoring software in the market.

  • Printable outputs

    Outputs to POS printer of EPSON TM-88 family or windows logger supplied.

  • Fast Answer Mode

    For a faster response time.

  • RoHS compliant

    RoHS compliant version available for Europe, Japan , China and Turkey.