SECURITHOR offers new features to locate and dispatch any mobile staff. Patromen, Guards, Alarm System Installers, Drivers doing pick up or deliveries etc…

The Mission Control Board works with the MCB Android app to locate and provide interaction between your base station and your mobile staff. Know where they are, who is available, geofence them, send them missions, dispatch them on surveillance tours or visit and delivery itineraries.

Get proof of presence to your customers plus documented reports with pictures and videos to enhance your services. 

Unique Geofencing, QRcode and NFC tag scans adds presence confirmation to your customers.

The Central Station Operators can also send mission orders to the MCB Android app. They review Patrolmen intervention reports and pictures. All this easily and directly from a SECURITHOR session.

MCB Go! is designed to manage your mobile staff if you do not need to transfer jobs from the Monitoring Software. Send them on demand missions directly from MCB Go! 

Prepare itineraries for visits, pickup, deliveries or guard tours from the Checkpoints database of MCB Go! 

You still get all the features of MCB such as Staff and Vehicle pairing, Mission Dispatch, Pictures/Video with reports.  

The Mission Control Board in SECURITHOR is coupled with the Android MCB app. MCB app installs on the Patrolmen Android phones or tablets and provides interaction with the Central and other Patrols including mapping and directions. Staff can write reports and send pictures that are tagged to the alarm event in SECURITHOR.

Check the MCB Brochure or contact MCDI to get a full demo of MCB