You can get SECURITHOR from the experts that develop it.

We are located in Montreal CANADA. With 20 years experience supporting Alarm Receiving Centre around the world, we think we can help you not matter the size of your operation.

MCDI staff consists of developers who design SECURITHOR and Alarm Receivers.  Industry veterans can propose unique solutions and showcase all features of SECURITHOR including the new Web Features: WAM and Weboperator.

SECURITHOR is no secret for us as the team is working on it in collegiality including on technical support which is always handled by developers.

From a distributor

We have distributors and resellers in several countries. Contact SECURITHOR staff to know which distributor is closest to you.
Among the advantages of purchasing from resellers are their knowledge of other manufacturer equipments and their location which may be closer to your own time zone.

If you are already purchasing equipment from a MCDI distributor, you may benefit from discount considering your purchase of other equipment. It’s also likely they know the equipment the sell better than we can. They can help you connecting  to Securithor the alarm panels and cameras they sell.

Being in or near your own country they might be able to support you during your own business hours and most likely in your own language.