Decrypta 5

Note: as or June 2017, we do not manufacture D5 anymore due to shortage of key parts. Contact MCDI for alternatives D4 and DT42m.

MCDI’s high volume solution in an unique form factor that lets you save space but get the performance that you need . Fitting in a 1 Unit server rack-mount (1.75 inch) , it comes equipped with dual power source management including an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery for minimal downtime.

  • Out of the box operational

    No factory technician will be needed to set-up the Decrypta 5 nor will you ever need to navigate through strange menus.

  • More tools / Lower Costs

    More tools for alarm verification without the high cost of PBX systems

  • Audio IP

    Audio IP is integrated between D6 and MCDI SP’s SECURITHOR Monitoring Software to automatically route audio feeds to the operator processing the alarm.

  • ARM Processors

    Linux embedded operating system and ARM processor architecture for great performance and reliable computing.

  • Triple Power Redundancy

    AC 12V DC Battery input , internal one hour lithium-ion battery. Automatic fall-over for the best uptime even during major power outage.

  • Highest memory available on the market

    8 000 000 events stored on a removable SD card. Logs are exportable to a connected PC for analysis.

  • Advanced Signal Reporting

    Let you report alarm signals nearly everywhere you want. D5 is able to get alarm signals to several destinations over serial, USB and IP port , allowing back-up centrals to take over and signal logging to a remote building. 4 IP destinations can be registered in the D5.

  • Integrated fall-over / Heartbeat management

    When a destination doesn’t send an acknowledge response for a specific event , the D5 will automatically sends events to an alternate destination. An alternate control Room can take over when the main one doesn’t. You can then insure the best uptime to your dealers and subscribers.

  • Dual Reporting

    D5 is the best choices for dual reporting for remote factory plants, embassies and regional monitoring to headquarters insuring not only tremendous phone saving costs but giving you the opportunity to gather alarm signal information from anywhere in the world.

  • Emails Reports

    D5 can send internal messages and Daily status report to four different email addresses. Connection to the internet is required.

  • LCD DIsplay

    D5 provides an on-screen readout of alarms using standards Contact ID and SIA tables. Statuses of most important parameters are available on front LCD at all time : Heartbeat, lines status, dead line detection, power sources are all reported on front graphic LCD.

  • Back lighted Front Panel

    Buttons and LCD are back lighted for night / Low Light scenarios. Allowing you to operate the D5 in any type of operations.

  • Heat signature sensors

    Internal temperature sensor alerts you of a high heat signature which happens especially in close rack stacking or when running in tropical climates.

  • Tuning Possibilities

    Based on MCDI Security Products Generation 3 programming, all line card have tuning possibilities to get a fast handshake with panels. Most parameters are configurable by using the front panel. All parameters can be configured using a PC over IP.

  • Remote Update and control

    Updates and support are easily done by MCDI SP support staff over IP. With a small form factor , operation and signal redundancy, D5 can be installed at remote location for multi-city monitoring. Configuration is done over IP using SSL encryption. A special two-way secure procedure let you enable this function only when you decide it.

  • RoHS Compliance

    Compliant to Europe , Japan ecological electronic manufacturing directives. Does not contain lead , cadmium or PBB.

  • Specifications

    Standard one unit rack-mount 19 in. (W) X 1.75 in. (H) X 10 in. (L) , aluminium, anodized finish. Weight: 2.5 Kg (4.5 Kg for shipping). Available as D5 , D5r (without audio module)