Extrium :: DT42

EXTRIUM :: DT42 is the new extreme. No Alarm Receiver gives you as much power over alarm signals. Unique features like Embeded web site, Push notification to Android phones make DT42 the Paramount alarm receiver. DT42 receives Alarm over IP from multiple brands making it the most universal of Alarm receivers. It can also handle signals coming from a legacy phone receivers.

DT42 is loaded with features: integrated 4000 accounts database to decode and display account and alarm descriptions, Embedded web server to view alarm traffic. All this in a small form factor made to work stand alone.

  • Alarm Codes you can read

    Equipped with an internal 4000 accounts database you can access via a browser from a PC or iPad type tablet. Account info such as name, address, phone of the contact. Operator can enter comments and notes for each alarm using a USB keyboard or from a web browser.

  • Extend database with SECURITHOR

    Can be connected to a Securithor v1 SQL database instead of EXTRIUM’s internal database. Each alarm signal is matched to Securithor’s database so each signal gets account, alarm codes and action information from a virtually unlimited SQL database. IT department will find it easy to manage.

  • Alarm Events reaching you

    DT42 is equipped with a web server to push events to handheld devices such as iPad or Android tablets. Guards, Nurses or key staff can see events on handheld devices using 3G or any Wi-Fi networks. Supervisors can access DT42 remotely to configure or view live traffic. Each alarm code and account are displayed with full details in text. No more cryptic codes.

  • Power Management

    Two different power inputs from automatic fall-over. First from 5V DC input, secondary from USB. DT42 consumption is minimal. The absence of mechanical use of external battery possible in case of emergency.

  • Maximize Uptime

    A two way supervision tells you if communication went down between monitoring software and the DT42.

  • Push Notification

    For more redundancy and control, DT42 sends every signal to DT42 Android app. Notifications are prompting on the phone even if closed for up to five staff members. Every incoming or internal signals is sent.

  • Compatibility with old receivers

    DT42 can bring a new life to an old receiver. It is equipped with a port for handling outputs from older receivers reporting in Sur-Gard, Ademco 685 and MCDI formats ( MCDI  SA-TLR+, EXSA, D1, D2, D3, D4). The DT42 input can extend DT42 capacity up to 30 lines. It expands display features to connected receivers giving you legible alarms and account information from a legacy receiver along with DT42 unique alarm routing capability.

  • Alarms over IP

    DT42 is open to all protocol definitions used by MCDI. DT42 support SIA DC-09 and many other protocols. No other receivers was tested with as many Alarm Panel brands in SIA DC-09 with encryption up to 256 bits in TCP and UDP (2007 and 2012 standards). Among them: 3i NX2 (standard and encrypted), Eldest ENIP, Focus, Ksenia, M2M Services, Nanocomm, Nav87XX, Pyronix, Roel, Tecnoalarm, Telesignal, TELL, Trikdis, VDS (Abus).

  • Memory

    Twelve Million events can be stored in DT42. It is also equipped with a removable microSD card for backup and loggin. Logs can be downloaded to a PC over Ethernet.

  • Local and Remote Operation

    The E42 is designed for both type of operations. Embedded watch dog will restart the product if it should lose power. It can also be configured remotely over the internet.

  • Remote Troubleshooting

    With its embedded Linux and IP access, you just need to grant MCDI support staff access to update your DT42 remotely. Troubleshooting and updates made easy.

  • Resistant Small Form Factor

    Like all MCDI products , design was though out. The bright orange color helps to find the unit easily in a dark server cabinet. Heat signature is kept to a minimum with absence of mechanical parts and low consumption ARM CPU. The steel chassis protects components and also acts as a heat sink. Rackmount wings are available as option.