SECURITHOR is the software you need to monitor alarms, for operating a Central Station or the Response Center of your Company. SECURITHOR presents a complete dashboard to operators handling alarm signals along with steps and contacts to process each signal. SECURITHOR automates several tasks such as sending emails, sms and reports to subscribers. SECURITHOR is made to add value to your Central Station by proposing services such as Web Access and Panic buttons for snartphones. Take a look at the many features of SECURITHOR by downloading a trial 

Easily scalable.

You can start with one station and add modules and stations as your business grows. SECURITHOR will grow with you. SECURITHOR is used by many start-ups as well as confirmed Centrals with more than 50,000 accounts. SECURITHOR is available in 3 versions: Core, Premium and Network. To know which one is right for you contact MCDI’s Team. Many features can be added to the Core such as Web Access or Virtual Panic Buttons. Talk to MCDI’s Team to experience these modules.

Need Assistance?

MCDI Support staff can help you from Walk Through Demos to Emergency Recovery. Our support Team is composed of SECURITHOR designers and developers.  The team who creates features for your SECURITHOR is the very one that helps you. At MCDI, it’s not a phone operator or ticket filler that answers, but real experts. In addition, MCDI Security Products produces Alarm Receivers. We offer a complete solution under one roof. Our help desk is readily available in French, English and Spanish and by appointment in Cantonese and Farsi.

Lots of features

20 years experience making software and thousands of satisfied Centrals mean we pack your software with a variety of features and continue improving it.

OS Choice

SECURITHOR works with many Windows OS. Choose from Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012. Network version works with either Windows 7, 8, 2008, 2012. Choose your OS

Web features

Web Features made easy for your subscribers, admin staff,  salesmen, installers. Adding Web Access to your Monitoring Software is not complicated thanks to Securithor’s staff.

Performance and Free SQL

SECURITHOR uses PostgreSQL. Fast, stable and high performance without the costs of all other SQL engines. STv2 performance is at least 30% faster than v1.

The best way to know more about SECURITHOR is to try it.Download the 30 days trial and try it in your own terms. If you need more info and or a personalized demo, contact us to arrange a walk-through of SECURITHOR


SECURITHOR will surely bring value to your Central Station. You can do more and you can collect more revenues from subscribers

User Friendly
Value added for your business

Each feature is useful and a vast pool of add-ons is available. Yet easy to use and stable, the software is supported directly by developers, not by phone operators. You get exceptional technical support and updates are free with your support coverage. You benefit from continuous improvements as we constantly work on new features with the suggestions from a large base of over 5000 customers.

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