MCDI is moving to a new building on April 20th 2022.
Our repair services will be off from April 16th to May 2nd 2022.

Please note our new address and ensure all your shipments such as parts and repairs are addressed to:

MCDI Security Products Inc. 
6556 Boul. Monk
Montréal QC H4E 3J1
Still the same phone number: +514-481-1067
Our line in Spanish is still available at: +514.487.0441

Please double-check the address on your packages as a re-direction from our old site will add long delays and a loss of package is always possible.

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend, Securithor v1.
We launched V1 over 10 years ago.
While v1 had thousands of users at the height of v1, most of them elected to upgrade to Securithor v2 during the last 5 years.
Microsoft is also announcing the discontinuation of support for windows 7, the original OS or v1.
This tells us it’s time to move on.
We will not provide technical support to the operation or re-installation for Securithor v1 after October 15th 2019.
2019/10/15  will be considered as the End Of Life for Securithor v1.

We will retain the ability to provide licenses should the need arise.

You can contact our sales staff at to look into upgrades to Securithor v2.
MCDI can migrate the database of a Securithor v1 to a Securithor v2 as part of the purchase of v2.
For more information contact or skype: mcdi-hq ph: +514-481-1067

SECURITHOR 2.1.7 will start rolling out April 2nd with more than 40 new features and enhancements. You can get this important update as part of your support plan.
Contact us to make an appointment as updates are performed by the MCDI Support staff. Maintenance of your SECURITHOR database is done at the same time. You can renew your support coverage by contacting SECURITHOR sales staff.

Changes 2.1.5 => 2.1.7

-added additional items copied for the partition copy feature: schedules, cameras, omitted fields in for partitions and users

-added new account copying (Attachments, Installations, Partition Phone#, Users, Alarm Codes, Actions, Zones. *excluding shared items*) including partition copy feature

-added option to prevent operators from reorganizing the docking system (replaced autologin column in operator management)

-added tax number in account management

-added address notes for additional information to reaching the address on file

-added option to prevent operators from reorganizing the docking system

-improved STNetService and STReceiverService by making it relaunch quicker and even if closed on purpose

-keeping previously logged-in operator number when logging in

-allowing changing of alarm routing filters in STNet without having to delete and recreate a new entry

-showing account limit in red if a limit is in place

-hikvision and dahua talk update for new sdk

-added pre-populated templates for new installations (ContactID, SIA, MCDI)

-added Audit Trail feature for Securithor (AccountManagement/Cities/Templates/Operators/AdminComments/Installers/Groups/SMS/ServiceOrders/Settings). Viewable in STNet.

-added Ufone to SMS gateway (Pakistan)

-added notes for holiday user

-added showing holiday date range in alarm processing.

-added new alarm code types: fire/burglary/technical

-added PPP alarms to show map in Securithor

-added TVT and Cubitech Tribrid camera support (requires CAM module)

-added IDIS camera (requires CAM module)

-added Hungarian language

-added Italian language

-added csv FileImporter

-added basic codes (ACOM,RCOM,ATCP,RTCP,ASTR) to account 0 during installation

-added option in Securithor Settings to set MCB database location

-added tax number field to account management

-added saving ClickToDial recording to a specific folder and allowing reference from traffic window

-(added) cameras can now be linked to zone. (overrides alarm code camera)

-improved streplication by reporting descriptive error messages

-STTimeZoneSelector has a Save and Quit button available even when no change needed during installation

-reports speed optimizations

-new STNet replication monitor to better detect replication failure

-email management status now shows words instead of ambiguous numbers

-increased button size for SIP dialling window + added translations

-allowing video verification from alarm processing page even if the code being processed is not linked to a camera, as long as there is a camera and channel defined in the account

-dead man alarm is now active and plays priority sound 9. email/sms settings are dependent on alarm code settings rather than deadman settings.

-added clickable gpsp position sent by email

-changed sms management in STNet refreshing too often using a lot of processing

-changed panic type alarms only match to users now, not zone

-removed sorting of password field in call list causing confusion


-added support in SIA format for ^ character

-added Telsim sms Gateway (Cyprus)

-added Bosch UDP receiver support

-improved SIA2 parsing for multiple receivers without blocking communication by being stuck on the same alarm when the format is not standard

-improved sms buffer clearing code to prevent full buffer of received sms

-replaced Tirupathi SMS with PointSMS Gateway (India)

-accepting of SIA2 alarms where there is no / (forward slash) separating the partition and the code

-changed parsing of SIA2 comment alarm containing a colon (:)


-WebOperator traffic print + rights and custom watermark

Added Tax Number field


*not included in this version yet*. To be announced April 22nd.

Join us during SICUREZZA in Milano Italia. We will be with Voyager SRL Pav. 7 stand L21-M28
Come see the first look of new MCB2, the Track and Dispatch tool for your staff.  Live demo of SECURITHOR v2 including new integration with TVT cameras and DVRs. SECURITHOR v2 is now fully translated in Italiano!



¡Ven y conócenos en la CDMX! Tensi Saravia, de MCDI, ofrecerá un seminario de dos días sobre SECURITHOR.
Como Gerente de una Central de Monitoreo, puede mostrarte cómo una Central de Monitoreo puede beneficiarse de SECURITHOR y sus módulos de vanguardia como Botón de Pánico para teléfonos celulares, MCB; para rastreo o despacho de su Personal o Acceso Web para sus Instaladores de sistemas de alarma.

Únete a Tensi Oct 19-20 2017 en Syscom – Distribución Global Succursale Norte en CDMX. Los asistentes recibirán descuentos especiales en los módulos SECURITHOR.
Regístrese con Syscom – Distribución Global en:


Meet us in CDMX! MCDI’s own Tensi Saravia will give a 2 days seminar on SECURITHOR.
As a fellow Central Station Manager she can show you how your Central Station can benefit from SECURITHOR and its advanced modules like APS: Panic Button for Phones, MCB: Staff tracking and Dispatch or WAM: Web Access for Alarm System Installers.

Join Tensi Oct 19-20 2017 at Syscom – Distribución Global Succursale Norte in CDMX. Attendees receive special discounts on SECURITHOR modules.
Register with Syscom – Distribución Global at:

Update 2.1.5 is now available for new installations.

.2.1.5 contains several improvements to make it faster.

.The STM module was completely reworked to add much more metrics and analytics.

.New features in the MCB Module are added


Contact MCDI to get this important update.
Updates are available if you are under the original support period of your Securithor or if you hold an additional support plan for your Securithor

Self monitoring is not a new thing.  In fact the idea comes around and goes away periodically always for the same reasons. People think they can receive their own alarm signals in their iPhone to save a few dollars per month. But it does not work.

Even if iPhones now make it easier, the pitfalls are always the same: lack of availability and dedication of the person who is monitoring.

Here’s a collection of reason to explain to your customers why they need to connect to a CMS Central Monitoring Station instead of taking chances on their iphones.

.A Central Monitoring Station is never in a meeting not able to take the call.

.A Central Monitoring Station is not driving. And you should really keep your eyes on the road.

.A Central Monitoring Station is never in a low coverage spot or in a tunnel.

.A Central Monitoring Station arms are never full of shopping bags.

.A Central Monitoring Station does no put it’s receivers on silent mode at night

.A Central Monitoring Station checks its equipment periodically.

.The Central Monitoring Station child never takes its phone to play Angry birds

.A Central Monitoring Station batteries are never empty.

.A Central Monitoring Station always hears the ring because an Alarm Receiver is never in the pocket of a winter coat

.A Central Monitoring Station never set the phone to silent during a movie.

Send us your reasons. We will update the post with the best reasons!

Too busy to answer the call. Alarm goes unnoticed.

Too busy to answer the call. Alarm goes unnoticed.

Self Monitoring did not work because he was too busy to take the call.

Self Monitoring did not work because he was too busy to take the call.